Living a good life is all about planning! But planning and staying organized is more than just writing to-dos on a notebook or on a calendar. A daily planner is still the best way to keep your everyday life properly sorted out. Paper planners are simple to use, inspires you to be disciplined, and suits your needs and lifestyle.

Estsy Life is all about paper planners. We strive to give you the most up-to-date and detailed reviews on all sorts of planners. Aside from regular reviews, we also share some self-improvement tips and recommendations.

Estsy Life believes that traditional planners are simply timeless! Perhaps, you might be thinking that paper planners are a thing of the past, especially with the numerous apps easily downloadable on our gadgets. But these planners are here to stay. They can help you plan and organize your life in a more disciplined way.

Estsy Life educates readers about the importance of life planning. Through our posts, we want to show how having a planner can change your outlook at life. We believe that what you write on the pages of your planners becomes a part of your life story. In the future, when you can look back at your planner, you’ll realize how far you’ve gone – and that’s very satisfyingly nostalgic!

Estsy Life is driven by a team of passionate individuals with various backgrounds but banded together by their similar passion and love for paper planners. We combine our experiences and share our thoughts to be able to come up with insightful posts. It is our joy to give you informative content that will hopefully convince all readers: those who haven’t discovered the importance of planners, those who may have already forgotten their love for planners, and those who are also a fan of planners. We’ll be sharing inputs on the different trends, designs and themes of planners available in the market.